☾ ᖇᗩᕲᓰᑢᗩᒪ SᗩᕲᘉᘿSS ☾
✟ ᖴᑘᑢᖽᐸ ᒪᗩᗷᘿᒪS ᖴᘿᘿᒪ Sᓍᘻᘿᖶᕼᓰᘉᘜ ✟
☿ ᘿᘉᗷᖻ ☿

Hi I’m GEISTHA and I want you to feel something. Therefore, I write sad songs that paint dark pictures. Lofi e-goth hymns to enjoy morbid feelings of sadness like you’re in a grunge coming of age movie. Dark ambient tunes to let you get lost in the night.