Youth Okay

It's never too late to move in a new direction, especially when you know it's the right one. And as so often before these groundbreaking decisions, one wanders aimlessly shortly before, torn and often broken in a world full of (im)possibilities. It was not quite so hopeless with the new Munich band YOUTH OKAY and yet they were damn close.
For YOUTH OKAY, the will for radical renewal stood even before the first band rehearsal in winter 2018. After 8 years in the music business, in which they not only gained a lot of live experience with their predecessor band Naked Superhero at well over 300 concerts, but also earned a respectable fan base, everything was said creatively. The 6 young guys from Munich were stuck in the notorious dead end and decided without further ado to completely delete the already recorded songs for a new album and to start from scratch. Without knowing where exactly this front is. Singer Daniel Fahrländer can no longer remember exactly who gave the impetus, but when the things suddenly ran over the effects units, it sounded whacky. We were freaking out in the rehearsal room. "By gizmos," he means the trumpet and trombone, which had always had a permanent place in the band's construct, but suddenly became recognizable as a unique selling point due to the alienation of the effects units. The new sound, which YOUTH OKAY themselves call Alternative BrassFX, was born and given wings. Amidst the euphoria of new beginnings, Daniel draws inspiration from an incident in his immediate family: depression that completely turned a life around. The death of his mother a few years ago prompts him to put his innermost thoughts of the last years on paper again and thus casually sketch the content concept for TURNS: In Zeiten von belangloser Popmusik und emotionaler Oberflächlichkeit hat die Band auf ihrem Debüt-Album etwas zu sagen, geht emotional tief, traut sich, auch mit schmerzhaften und unbequemen Wahrheiten anzuecken und die Hörer auf eine Reise aus ihrer Komfortzone mitzunehmen, wenn nicht sogar zu mitzureißen. In a courageous way YOUTH OKAY prove a special feeling when it comes to telling stories. The result Honest, profound, urgent and euphoric alternative and punk anthems, cast into shape by none other than Sebastian Hafner (ITCHY) who has provided the band with the necessary pressure for the reboot. Translated with (free version)
In addition to politically and socially topical issues such as migration or environmental pollution, their focus is on dealing with personal, emotional challenges. YOUTH OKAY do not denounce or demonize, but try to help and show possible ways out. For the new album, they work hand in hand with help facilities for mentally ill people and want to de-taboo this supposed stigma, which has now arrived in the great middle of society. You are not alone, so the message, there is a way out, if we stand together convey the tone of the content as well as the music itself. And so it is sung about, even commonly invoked, the high after an interim valley, the hope for better times and for a togetherness instead of against each other..
YOUTH OKAY dare the adventure and put on the guaranteed right card with their rethought alternative rock, which tugs, carries away, sweats and breathes, with these deeply convinced lyrics and brass instruments that seem like synthesizers. The first new concerts are in the starting blocks and the live qualities will once again hold completely new possibilities for the guys in 2021 with the strong new songs and the energy of departure. That's what it's all about: anything is always possible. You just have to do it.